Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Art of Understanding - (A Journal Entry 7-12-09)

<~A Slave to the Unknown (I Am)~>

Whilst I am not your typical academically accomplished spokesman, nor advocate. I am an idealist of sort, bent on the theory;"The only way to rid ignorance, is to to arm ourselves with intelligence."

Truly, in today's society, and the ever-increasing demands to meet the status quo, there appesrs great confusion as what it is that is deemed as intelligent -vs- sufficient knowledge. Across the spectrum, we ultimately must determine for ourselves the course of action we take to equip ourselves with understanding, knowledge, and wisdom.

Hypothetically, we often associate Harvard, Princeton, Oxford, and several other top-rate institutions as the leaders in the field of education, and I am not attempting to argue these schools & colleges produce genius everyday.

However, let it be we also recognize the "raw intelligence" that established much of the footings, foundations, and pillars prior, whereby, many-a-great minds were preserved in these institutions, and yet Not all of those whom we've come to know, even studied or idolized in an attempt to immulate their genius, were so priviledged to have attended the prestigious colleges, have ,nor held degrees from any of the aforementioned academic establishments.

Theory has it, many of us are intimidated by another's academic grandeur, prestige, or collegic accomplishments. Even still, we musn't allow another's accomplishments to detour us from finding our own special talent, passion, or in essence; genius capabilities.

Throughout history it has been documented that some of the greatest inventors, musicians, poets, writers, mathematicians, artists, and people of all fields of research have broken the thresholds of genius, without necessarily having any formal training.

How then might we view ourselves? or measure up to some of the unique collaborative genius efforts of others, if we sit awestruck, intimadated, or led to believe; we ourselves do not possess those same capabilities?

I'm here to tell you true. I only have an 8th grade education, formally. However, there remains a passion, a underlying desire to write and educate people, lead, and teach people, and still... Even I am left to question if my dreams are right?

Or am I wrong to believe there is no particular measure of intelligence greater than another. Whilst the "Beautiful Minded" and "The Goodwill Hunter's" and "Edisons", "Beethovan's", Edgar Allen Poe's", "Martin Luther's" and 1000's of others have systematically fascinated and haunted me to a degree, I have come to believe wholeheartedly: "We are all given equal shares of genius, for it counter-balances by our ignorances in the areas we don't comprehend."

Although, I am just writing from a spirited intuition, it leaves me to wonder; "how might I hope to correct upon my prior ignorances, and focus my attention on bridging the gaps of ignorance we've all contributed to throughout our live. Be it by virtue of fear, lack of discipline, or simply due to the fact we didn't know better; there's no excuse for us to impose our wills upon each other in a manner less respectful than that which we can only hope and pray becomes us.

Therefore, as I walk amidst my fellow man/woman, and I silently observe the nature of our being, I've come to the realization; In our independent quest for intelligence, independence, and the ever-so-long expedition that drives us to seek the essence of freedom as those before us, we can only obtain the capacity to learn, if we come to realize our ignorances.

Ultimately, I exist in the balance, and walk between the shadows and the light... for without one the other would not be. Hence, Newton's; "Theory of Motion" ~"For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction' and such is so with all things.

For if we push one object; be it physical, mental, spiritual, even metaphysical, we will always experience a force that by science and mathematics, philosophy & psychology, even theocracy & hypocracy... returns equal measures from the opposite force.

"The Writing's On The Wall", and so be it in this jungle I make my bed with lions, snakes, and the fool's who knew not.... whilst continuing to search for a more befitting resolve to rid ignorance, and equip the less fortunate with intelligence. Leaving one to wonder; who then is truly the misfortunate?

Those who know not?


Those of us who do?

I know, I can never know enough, and as such I will continue to seek, to hunt, to find that which I may only hope and pray will eventually subside this ever-present void, this hunger, by reasons beyond my understanding continues to crave more understanding, knowledge, and wisdom...

Yet, I too know; as be it with this life, and the pursuit of happiness, love, and freedom, they share stock in a truth that in totality is unobtainable, less it be the balance would be broken!

Might I hope to have only scratched your brain, touched your heart, and left your spirit feeling as free, as does mine when I write. By God as my witness, it all makes perfect sense; Yet I know not where I got this vision & insight, and even better still... I haven't a clue what to do with it!

Hopefully, it will transend time, and touch another's heart, inspiring one or many to assemble the next peiece of life's puzzle for the next, whereby, if we can maintain enough intelligence to keep the balance, and ignorance at bay... our children might still have a chance to raise their children.

Truly, it perplexes me to wonder; can we ever become greater than the other, when comparing Ignorance ~vs~Intelligence?

Poetry: The Real Me


Interpretations of spiritual revelations,
beyond the illusion of time and reality
I am the master of understanding,
as my soul hungers for wisdom

Freedom eludes me with open eyes,
in a tranquil meditation... I take flight
A mere spec of an infinate energy,
prolifically in tune, with a tear in my eye

Nutured by the solace of peace,
I am metaphysically evolving into the sublime
Escaping infamy, that dark desire of pride ,
deaf to those whispers and bittersweet lies

I am immortal, I am dream,
I am the one can see
A blinded visionary,
a cultavator of life

A breath of fresh air,
in the lungs of the dead
A silent scream,
longing for escape

I am empathy,
a slave to none
A teacher, a speaker,
a writer of sort

But above all else,
I am a frightened child
Full of wonder,
waiting to live or die?

A believer, a hope, and a prayer,
that I too will be remembered...
When I am finally set free from this body,
truly it's then, I can become the real me!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

An Argument Against I.Q. Tests:

In the establishment of tests designed to weigh the intelligence of any individual's capacity for knowledge, it is arguable that the overall calculation is formulated by a populous opinion, moreover that of factual information.

Due to the amount of resources made available for the expansion of one's individual knowledge, there are simply too many subjects to be explored, to ever truly certify a specific acclamation of knowledge or to accompany any realistic measure of truth in totality.

Hypothetically, we can easily conduct innumerable experiments whereby we can weigh one subject against another, and seldom will these results produce exacting results, or share relevance greater than the other.

In the case of mathematics and sciences, certain establishments can be made to prove irrefutable truth's containing only one true conclusion, and even still, such formulas often lead only to the next arrangement of unsolved equations.

Thus, in determining a score relevant to one's cognate intelligence, it is in fact a matter of probability, more than that of scientific or mathematical equation with any resolute or absolute definition.

Perhaps a greater example can be allocated given Napoleon Hill's; "Think and Grow Rich" book published in the early 1900's where he takes philosophical thinking, and weighs it against the sciences of understanding, knowledge, and wisdom, and the actions required to employ one's knowledge.

In chapter 5, Hill speculates that many people undermine the true value of knowledge. Using a wide variety of examples, he stresses that in the case of Henry Ford, the general public challenged his knowledge due to his lack of "schooling."

However, if one is to mimic, or memorize a vast abundance of knowledge, and does not conceive the greater principle for the acquisition to be expanded upon afterward, then the knowledge is no greater than that of teaching an African Grey parrot to recite certain words or phrases. Clearly, it might appear the parrot has a formal gene of sort, or the capacity to do so, but it does not solidify any truth to the parrot's intelligence.

As was in question with Henry Ford, after being publically ridiculed, and even having been rumored as being called an "ignorant idealist, or ignorantly rich," it was implied he was less than intelligent enough to be seen by many as worthy to possess the great wealth he had built and had acquired.

Certifiably, an IQ test can be seen as a great prop, or study tool to increase one's chief aim of proving their knowledge is sound, however, this does not justify the intelligence through practical or logical application, as aforementioned with the African Grey parrot learning catchy phrases, or mimicking the intellect or intelligence of human speech.

Henry Ford was eventually brought on trial to be weighed in the eyes of the people to determine if a man of his considered "lack of knowledge" should be respected, and uncontested to keep the fortune he had built, and was continuing to build.

Although Ford struggled on the stand to answer some scholastic questions, he turned the tables in the courtroom, when he simply stated, and I'm paraphrasing; "look I may not, and do not know the answers to many of these questions. However, upon my desk is a device with 12 buttons, to wit, should such an improbable question arise during the course of business, I can simply push a button, call on any number of intelligent employee's and have the answer within minutes."

He closed the case against himself, with a rebuttal; "Therefore gentlemen; who might be considered more intelligent now?"
Respectively, Ford Motors is still a very well run, solid operation in the American automotive industry. Even though I am a Chevrolet lover, I reserve a great measure of admiration for Henry Ford's accomplishments, and ultimately his intelligence and perseverance!

In closing,I firmly believe IQ tests do serve their purpose, but when we understand the demographics of knowledge at the root principle of the very word "educate", we can see the word derives from a Latin word "educo" which means to educe, to draw out, or to develop from within.

Therefore, to attempt to scale or weigh ourselves and our intelligence solely on the basis of an IQ test clearly lacks insight, and ultimately limits one's true intelligence, for in most cases, the information assembled in an IQ test is merely randomized, and may not constitute any substantial truth to the results they provide, nor the true intelligence a person possesses.

Meanwhile, I took a literary IQ test the other day just for kicks, and scored a 102, against an average low score of 55, and a high of 155. Ironically, I currently hold an 8th grade education according to the "status quo" -Go figure!

Should I have come to believe an IQ test held more truth, then debate, I would have reserved my agrument.

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Thursday, July 2, 2009

~God's Pawn~

~God's Pawn~

If I must humble myself to succumb to being God's pawn in an unruly game of chess...

So be it!

Let my humility serve as both a weapon and a tool, in bringing it forthwith.

For if so, should this war be taken to the king and queen's front door...
Then at least I know...

I played my part in fighting for something pure.

Because in the end, the measure of a man is not bought with gold, but sweat...

By overcoming fear for peace and love...
Remains the true virtues of success.

Thus, I take my rightful place in the name of truth...
Defending the oppressed...

Rise to this occasion one and all, with love in thy heart...
Dare you not fret.

Truly, us pawns in number outweigh all the kings and queens...

Over all of God's splended green Earth!
Art Moran

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